iPhonography: the new direction in photography
by Jerry Hug, nationally recognized Photographer and TNWoU member

“The best camera is the one you have with you”, so states Jerry Hug.  For many of us, that means your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch – your iDevices.    At our May 11 main meeting, Jerry will explain and demonstrate the ease and simplicity of taking photos with your iDevices and give tips on how to get the best shots possible.  Jerry is both an experienced and talented educator and photographer – – – just the person to explain the process so you understand it and then challenge your creativity to make each image distinctly ‘yours’.

During the second presentation, Jerry will demonstrate additional apps to ‘improve’ the photos on your iDevice, that will change the mood of a photo or emphasize different colors, textures and structure.  These could impress your friends with your photographic genius – – – or even scare your dog.  It will depend on you.

Additionally, in advance of the meeting, he will provide a list of apps that you can download at home so your iDevice will be ready for you to follow along as he explains and demonstrates specific apps.  Jerry recommends you install the following apps before you attend the meeting: Snapseed, Perfectly Clear, Touch/Retouch, and Camera Awesome.

Come join us on a journey of education and fun on how to take better photos with your iDevices and how to improve them.  We hope to see you there.